Development Impact Fees:
Survey of Local Government Use

by Larry L. Lawhon, AICP

A 2006 survey reveals that local governments' use of development impact fees is increasing. Read the Planning Practice Feature

Introduction to the Issue
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor introduces this special issue focused on impact fees and infrastructure. Read From the Editor

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Planning Essentials Symposium
Proportionate-Share Impact Fees and Housing Affordability
by Arthur C. Nelson, FAICP, Liza K. Bowles, and David Dacquisto

Impact fees based on the per capita multiplier approach and assessed on a per-square-foot basis may achieve equity and advance proportionate-share principles better than alternative approaches. Read Proportionate-Share Impact Fees

Financing Green Stormwater Management with Impervious Surface Charges
by Brooke Ray Smith

The author demonstrates how the fees for stormwater charged by four cities can further objectives of green stormwater management. Read Impervious Surface Charges

Reflections on Impact Fee Practice
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor shares lessons of impact fee and facility planning practice. Read this Article

Replacing Conventional Park Level of Service (LOS) Analysis with the "Composite-Values" Approach
by Teresa Penbrooke

Replace the old "NRPA standards" with a more comprehensive "composite-values" approach to level of service analysis, says the author. Read this Article

Managing Fast Growth and Crowded Schools: Florida School Concurrency from Voluntary to Mandatory
by Efraim Ben-Zadok

Professor Ben-Zadok traces the history of school concurrency in Florida and offers his perspective on the challenges of implementation. Read Florida School Concurrency