Planning and Social Responsibility:
Introduction and Comments

by Norman Krumholz, FAICP

Norman Krumholz introduces this issue, which is a collection of papers presented at the APA/AICP Symposium on Planning and Social Responsibility held in Fort Worth, Texas, November 9, 2006.
Read Introduction

From the Editor
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor provides perspective on the topic of social responsibility and the symposium papers. Read From the Editor

Planning for Inclusion: The Case of Child Care
by Mildred E. Warner

Professor Warner contends that child care is a public concern and must be considered more comprehensively in the planning process. Read Planning for Inclusion

Justice and the Public's Involvement in Infrastructure Planning: An Analysis and Proposal
by Ted Grossardt and Keiron Bailey

The authors find that there is a gap between expectations and actual results in terms of public involvement processes. They suggest more structured public involvement techniques. A case study of documenting citizen's aesthetic preferences illustrates their suggestions. Read Justice and the Public's Involvement in Infrastructure Planning

Training Transportation Planners in Social Responsibility
by David Kuehn, AICP

The author evaluates the current state of training for transportation planning practitioners in social responsibility. He calls for effective and innovative training for integrating social responsibility into their daily work. Read Training Transportation Planners

The Minority Planner
by June Manning Thomas, FAICP

Diverse racial backgrounds of planners are beneficial to public planning agencies, and the planning profession needs additional diversification, the author contends. Read The Minority Planner