Rising From the Ashes:
Transforming Pittsburgh City Planning

by Noor Ismail, AICP; Josette Fitzgibbons; and Elinor Fisher

Three years after devastating cuts, Pittsburgh city planning is reorganizing, rebuilding, and revitalizing. Read the Planning Practice Feature

Zipf's Law
by Robert Kelly

It's spooky, it's global and for decades it's resisted all attempts at explanation. Welcome to Zipf's Law, which is — at long last — beginning to reveal its secrets. Read the Special Feature

Pittsburgh's Boulevard of the Allies Bridges Reconstruction Project: Community Lessons in Context Sensitive Design
by Patrick F. Hassett, AICP

This case study provides lessons from the City of Pittsburgh's first foray into community contextual design of a major bridge reconstruction project.

Case image
Design is a profession for a good reason — there is more to design than meets the eye.

Read the full Case Study

Managing Wireless Infrastructure Deployment
by Robert Smith, AICP

It's time to amend the wireless ordinance, an industry representative contends, as new advancements are on the way in the wireless communication industry. Read Planning Essentials

Corey and Wilson's (2006) Urban and Regional Technology Planning
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

Practitioner's Bookshelf appears occasionally and provides a critical review of books and publications for their relevance to and use in the practice of planning. Read Practitioner's Bookshelf

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