Planner as City Physician:
A New Explanation for Our Profession

by Jeremy Goldstein

Having trouble explaining what you do as a planner? Goldstein has a good answer. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Toward More Sustainable Communities
by Tony Dater, AICP

Is there something to be learned from the Mayans and Amazonians, the ancient pioneers of sustainability? Their techniques can apply today, the author contends. Read the Sustainability Feature.

Watershed-based Landscape Management: The Ohio Balanced Growth Program
by Wendy Kellogg

For states that cannot push locals to regulate growth, Ohio's collaborative approach may work. Regional planning for watersheds is the focal point of this case study.

Case image
The Ohio Balanced Growth Program is noteworthy because it takes an alternative approach that is non-regulatory and incentive-based.

Read the full Case Study.

Rating the View: How Visual Quality Protection in the Lake Tahoe Basin Measures Up
by Peter Gower

How much has been, and can be, accomplished with local and regional viewshed protection? We turn to — where else? — Lake Tahoe.

Case image
Four years ago the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency took an unprecedented step toward preserving Lake Tahoe's scenic quality.

Read the full Case Study

The Art of Planning and Low Impact Development to Reduce Pollution and Improve Sustainable Neighborhood Character
by Richard Krier, AICP, with Julie Westerlund

The author illustrates how to design communities with more natural stormwater management features and improve community aesthetics at the same time. Read Planning Essentials.

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