Reversing Sprawl and Reducing Carbon Emissions by Retrofitting Suburban Tract Development
By Nicole Hostettler, AICP

Planners can do more about the threat of global warming from excessive carbon emissions by retrofitting suburbia. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Continuing Education: Keeping the Planning Knowledge Base Moving Forward
By Benjamin J. Ginsberg, AICP

A planner-lawyer offers a comparative perspective on continuing education requirements for planners and attorneys, and recommendations for improvement. Read Professional Development.

Regulating Rock Quarries
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP, and James Riker

The authors provide multiple lessons about annexing, rezoning, and monitoring compliance of a rock quarry in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Case image
Planners who do encounter land-use applications for rock quarries quickly find that they raise a whole series of complex issues, from blasting, to noise, to dust control, and others.

Read the full Case Study

Using Appropriate Standards of Review to Evaluate New Urbanist Development
By Cindy van Empel, AICP

A California planner suggests benchmarks to better assess New Urban developments. Read Planning Essentials.

Donald Elliott's A Better Way to Zone
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The author reviews a new book on zoning reform published by Island Press.  Does it belong on your bookshelf? Read Practitioner's Bookshelf.

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