Techno-Smart Cities, Techno-Savvy Urban Planners
by Rick Seiden, AICP

How will technology change the work of planners? Get a glimpse of the city of tomorrow. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Looking Back After Five Years
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor assesses Practicing Planner's accomplishments going into a sixth year of publication. Read From the Editor.

A Planner's Gulf Coast Recovery Plan
by Michael McAvinn, AICP

A practicing planner shares his own thoughts on what constitutes an appropriate recovery plan for the Gulf Coast region. Read the Special Feature.

Long-term Recovery Planning
by Mary Shaw, AICP

Planners know more about mitigation than recovery. The author analyzes content of nine county (and parish) long-term recovery plans and draws conclusions about how to improve future recovery planning efforts.

Case image
Following the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, many long-term recovery plans were developed at the county level.

Read the full Case Study

Hurricane Katrina and Environmental Justice
by David Johnson

The author contends that Executive Order 12898, requiring environmental justice, was disregarded during FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina. Read the Special Feature.

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