Site Seeing: A Tool for Making Great Places
by Vincent Vergel de Dios, AICP

What is the magic of place-making and how can we achieve it more often? The author provides numerous illustrations of how to enable the creation of great places. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

About this Issue
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor introduces the contents of this issue of Practicing Planner. Read From the Editor.

The City Block Charrette:
An Inexpensive Tool for Engaging and Educating the Public

by Norman Wright, AICP

The author describes and illustrates a simulation technique to educate and engage audiences in the practice of community building, block by block. Read the Special Feature.

Conservation Subdivisions in Gwinnett County, Georgia
by Rebecca Peed

Has an urban county been successful in promoting conservation subdivisions? The author describes lessons of implementing regulations.

Case image
Several lessons can be learned from the Gwinnett County Conservation Subdivision Overlay (CSO) experience.

Read the full Case Study

Planners... Immerse Yourselves:
The Community Immersion Approach to Public Involvement

by Al Zelinka, AICP, Susan Harden, AICP, and Suzanne Rynne, AICP

Looking for new, more effective ways to involve the public? Learn how to apply the community immersion technique, which promises innovative approaches useful in every community.

Case image
Community immersion is a tool that provides planners with the ability to immerse themselves in the community for which they are planning

Read the Special Case Study

Economic Development Finance and Deal Structuring
by Kaizer Rangwala, AICP

Planners can become financially literate and, more importantly, they can and should participate at the deal-making table. The author describes sequential steps in the art of deal structuring. Read Planning Essentials.

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