Cities and Their Parts: Is America on the Road to Ruin?
By Roger L. Kemp

The author summarizes a report card on our nation's infrastructure. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

The End of Suburbia: Thirty Years Older and Not a Day Smarter?
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor contemplates ethical issues in responding to prospects that suburbs will end in our lifetime. Read the Special Feature.

Plans Are the Client's Products, Not the Planner's
By Joseph C. Romano, AICP

Read the Special Feature Comment.

Raise Oil Dependency, Other Issues at the Start
By Katia Balassiano, AICP

Read the Special Feature Comment.

Advocate, Educate and Engage Citizens and Leaders to Act Responsibly
By Douglas P. Martin, AICP

Read the Special Feature Comment.

Rural and Urban Distinctions in Florida
By Jered Ottenwess, AICP

Strong state growth-management legislation is not always a positive planning tool. This case study describes how two communities negotiate identical growth-management legislation very differently.

Case image
Planners facing issues of quarry regulation will have to conduct a lot of original research, and they are likely to find little guidance.

Read the full Case Study.

Affordable Housing Solutions: The Local Government Perspective
By Neal R. Herst

Local governments have a broad array of approaches available to promote affordable housing. Read Planning Essentials.

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