Achieving Cooperation through Combined Services:
Fort Wayne and Allen County's Joint Land Use Division

By Jacquelyn Y. McCray, AICP; Kim Bowman, AICP; John Urbahns; and Jon Ingram

Consolidation of city and county planning operations could provide cost savings and improved customer service in a tough economy. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

About This Issue
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor summarizes evolving themes in this issue and prior issues. Read From the Editor.

Anticipating Adaptation to Climate Change
By Ray Quay, FAICP

What can we learn from global climate change models? The author sorts out what planners need to contemplate regarding the impacts of climate change. Read the Green Communities Special Feature.

A New Transportation Planning Paradigm:
Constraints-Based Planning in Response to the Continuing Decline in Transportation Funds

By Kendra Breiland and Ronald T. Milam, AICP

The authors challenge traditional transportation planning approaches as cost-prohibitive. They argue for a constraints-based approach, one where money is assumed to be limited.

Case image
Beyond funding shortfalls, the traditional planning paradigm is becoming outmoded for cities and counties.

Read the full Case Study.

Old School Sewer Evaluation
By Larry Lihosit

No money and no GIS? Small-town planners can help by evaluating sewer line conditions. Read Planning Essentials.

The Planner's Role in Sewer System Evaluation in the 21st Century
By Robert J. Massarelli, AICP

The author argues for caution and a comprehensive approach to sewer system evaluation. Read a Counterpoint to Planning Essentials.

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