Incorporating Sustainability Concepts into Brownfield Redevelopment Projects
By Allyn Finegold and Rebecca Fox

The authors highlight best practices for sustainability at 16 brownfield redevelopment sites. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Professional Development Perspectives

Out of work or struggling? Planners offer advice in the darkness of the lingering global economic downturn.

Riding Out This Bust
By Lawrence F. Lihosit

Planners should reconnect with the construction industry, the author contends. Read Lawrence Lihosit's Perspective.

Planning as Quiltmaking
By Mitzi Barker, FAICP

Look wider than traditional "planning" jobs by considering communities as fabric, woven from interconnected, interdependent strands. Read Mitzi Barker's Perspective.

Capital Improvement Planning in Tulsa: Project Prioritization and Internal Cultural Change for Fiscally Sustainable Infrastructure
By Gary G. Hamer, AICP

Tulsa prioritized its infrastructure maintenance needs and established a new capital improvement project process. The author presents lessons learned and challenges in overcoming staff resistance to the changes.

Case image
The word sustainability has been used loosely to describe a number of initiatives and has been attached to various political, corporate, and civic campaigns.

Read the full Case Study.

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How Well Has Agricultural Protection Zoning Worked?
By Joel Russell

The author examines the track record of agricultural preservation zoning in New York's Hudson Valley, identifying successful and unsuccessful examples. Read Planning Essentials.

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