Zoning = Sprawl, Coding = Urbanism? A Dissenting View
By Suzanne Rhees, AICP

Zoning is effective at delivering desired urban form, the author contends. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

The Future of Planning Practice: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Planning Law and Implications
By Peter Mallow, AICP

A planner summarizes and provides perspective on the most important court cases from the last decade affecting planning practice. Read the Special Feature.

The Village of Shirlington in Arlington County, Virginia: Suburban Smart Growth Without Rail Transit
By Anna Read and Ron Carlee

This case study describes how a car-oriented, suburban strip was transformed through planning, partnership, and citizen engagement.

Case image
The transformation of Shirlington illustrates that suburban communities can build efficient, walkable, and mixed-use centers.

Read the full Case Study.

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Permissive Zoning for Urban Chicken Farming
By Gail Meakins

Big cities are now authorizing the growing of chickens. The author summarizes selected regulatory practices. Read Planning Essentials.

Darrin Nordahl's Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP

Urban agriculture is here and now ... wake up and smell the farm. Read Practitioner's Bookshelf.