Are Schools and Family the Keys to Revitalization?
by Gary G. Hamer, AICP

Cities hedging their bets on attracting the creative class have another option to consider: a family-based approach. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Comment on New Urbanism in Northwest Florida
by Robert T. Ernst

New urbanist communities deserve additional re-examination. Read the Letter to the Editor.

Evolving Innovations in Bicycle Transportation
By Greg Griffin, AICP

Significant evolving trends in bicycle transportation have escaped the notice of planners. Read the Special Feature.

Designing the Urban Block: Best Practices in Los Angeles
By Vinayak Bharne

A seasoned urban designer assesses the extent to which several development projects in L.A. create successful places via careful attention to urban block design.

Case image
Although individual lots and buildings are the focus of much design and detail, their collective role as parts of blocks, streets and urban fabric is largely ignored.

Read the full Case Study.

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Constraints-based Spatial Planning
By Robert T. Ernst

The author offers an integrated, problem-solving analytical tool based on constraints analysis. Read Planning Essentials.