Medical Campuses as Good Neighbors
By Kathryn Madden, AICP, and David Gamble, AICP

The stakes for both medical institutions and their neighborhoods are too high not to cooperate. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Rethinking Sexually Oriented Businesses and Their Regulations
By Craig Sykora

A planner urges an adjustment of perceptions about and regulations of sexually oriented businesses. Read the Special Feature.

Volunteering Has Its Rewards
By Heidi Gorman, AICP

A planner shares perspectives on volunteering, again, for the Peace Corps. Read Professional Development.

A Heart and Soul Approach to Community Planning: The Borderlands Village Innovation Pilot Project
By Susan Westa, AICP

Communities in New England seek to maintain their unique identity through a novel partnership initiative.

Case image
Many rural towns see development as the only answer to meeting education and other community needs.

Read the full Case Study.

Postscript on the Borderlands Case: Q&A, Editor and Author

A follow-up question-and-answer session on the Borderlands case study. Read Postscript.

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Planning and Design Strategies for Communities at Risk from Wildfire
By Robert F. Brzuszek, Chris Campany, AICP, Timothy Schauwecker, Jason Walker, and Marc Foster

The authors provide lessons for planning and designing communities in the urban-wildland interface. Read Planning Essentials.

Patrick Condon's Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities
By Jerry Weitz, FAICP

Planners and designers now have clearer marching orders in battling global climate change. Read Practitioner's Bookshelf.