Traffic Sheds: A Market Friendly Approach to Effective Growth Management
by Stephen Tocknell, AICP

Economic conditions suggest reconsideration of the tested, yet still novel, idea of traffic sheds. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Post-Great Recession Retail Trends
by Kaizer Rangwala, AICP

What’s in store for retail following the great recession? Read the Special Feature.

Accommodating Growth in Whatcom County, Washington, 1990–2010
by Jack Petree

The effectiveness of growth management in Whatcom County, Washington, is assessed after establishment of urban growth areas.

Case image
Planning jurisdictions are also required to provide an opportunity to live, work and play in non-urban areas for those desiring a rural lifestyle.

Read the full Case Study.


Thirty Years of New Urbanism in Northwest Florida
by Timothy W. Brown, AICP

The author profiles Seaside and five other new urbanist developments in northwest Florida. Read Article.

Improving New Urbanism: The Next 30 Years
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor identifies major criticisms of new urbanism and calls for fixes. Read Article.

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A Scorecard for Economic Development Financing Tools
by Ralph J. Basile, Brian Dowling, and Tory Salomon

The authors describe, evaluate, and score five economic development financing tools. Read Planning Essentials.