A Primer on Economic Impact Assessments
by Peter Mallow, AICP

The author helps planners better understand the "black box" of economic impact assessment reports. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Designing Neighborhoods — Notes From Abroad
by Vinayak Bharne

An urban designer discusses modifications of traditional neighborhood development principles to projects outside the United States. Read the Special Feature.

Rethinking the Neighborhood Unit: Bringing Life to the Neighborhood by Pushing Transportation to the Periphery
by Craig Sykora

The author combines planning ideas into a concept for redesigning neighborhoods acknowledging today's realities and appropriate for tomorrow. Read the Special Feature.

Assessing Housing Needs in Edgecombe County, North Carolina
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The author describes methods for assessing housing needs and highlights issues confronted during the process of completing an assessment.

Case image
Community plans must determine whether housing meets the needs not only for existing residents, but also for all future households moving into the community.

Read the full Case Study.

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Roundtable: Florida's Growth Management Act

The Politics of Self Interest: The Repeal of Florida's Growth Management Act
by Timothy W. Brown, AICP

Florida's Growth Management Act Isn't Dead
by Merle H. Bishop, FAICP

What Is the Real Impact of Florida's New Growth Management Law? The Local Government Perspective
by Mary Gibbs, AICP

Florida's Retreat from Planning and Growth Management
by Thomas G. Pelham, AICP

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