How Maryland's Calvert County Tamed Wal-Mart
by Chuck Sebian-Lander

Big box aesthetics can be bent to local will. The author shares Calvert County’s story of protecting against the negative influence of corporate sprawl. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Introduction to this Issue
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor introduces this issue and connects themes with past articles. Read From the Editor.

Ernst Reply to Jepson and Response

Reply to Jepson: Sustainability Science Rejected
by Robert T. Ernst

Read Letter to the Editor.

Jepson's Rejoinder to Ernst
By Edward Jepson, Jr., AICP

Read Letter to the Editor.

Community Design Charrettes for the Harborview Medical Center Master Plan and Street Vacation: Connecting the Visions
by Vincent Vergel de Dios, AICP

An urban designer/planner reflects on successful charrettes in Seattle and advises what worked and why they were successful. Read the Special Feature.

Agenda 21 – A Reality Check
by Edward Jepson, Jr., AICP

There’s nothing in Agenda 21 that pushes communities toward a socialistic precipice, Jepson’s reality check shows. Read the Special Research Feature.

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Education Needs of Land-Use Decision Makers in Rural Southern New England: A Longitudinal Study
by Susan P. Westa, AICP, Robert M. Ricard, and Paula Stahl, AICP

The authors report on a third survey of the educational needs of rural land-use decision makers. Read Planning Essentials.