The Myth of Sustainable Cities
by Robert T. Ernst

A planner advises that we quit using the term "sustainable cities" and focus instead on making progress toward planning better cities. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Introduction to this Issue and Comment on Sustainable Cities Rhetoric
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor introduces this issue and comments on the planning practice feature. Read From the Editor.

Why Local Governments Need Comprehensive Plans
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

Clearly stated rationales for planning can aid in citizen understanding and help justify requests to fund local planning efforts. Read the Special Feature.

Prompting with Pictures: Determinism and Democracy in Image-Based Planning
by Paul Van Auken, Shaun Golding, and James Brown

Image-based surveys have shortcomings. An alternative, called participant-driven photo elicitation, promises to improve public participation processes.

Case image
Image-based surveys encourage public participation by incorporating photographs and other visual aids into planning and visioning processes.

Read the full Case Study.

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Moving Toward a More Effective Code Enforcement Strategy
by Dale Richard Powers, AICP

Traditional enforcement of zoning and property maintenance codes may be ineffective; a different strategy is needed for approaching enforcement functions. Read Planning Essentials.