Taking the Permaculture Path to Community Resilience
by Steve Whitman, AICP, and Sharon Ferguson

Discover permaculture, a systems way of thinking and a guiding frame for communities. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Raising Awareness for Better Food System Planning
by Stacy Ellis Hewitt, AICP

The author marks the fifth anniversary of the APA Policy Guide on Community and Regional Food Planning. Read the Special Feature.

The Sustainability Imperative
by Edward J. Jepson, Jr., AICP

Read Letter to the Editor.

A New Framework for the Pursuit of Sustainability
The editor provides a framework that emphasizes goals, tools, and outcomes in pursuing sustainability. Read From the Editor.

Planning the Grand Park in Suburban Pleasanton, California
by Michael D. Fotheringham and Wayne P. Rasmussen

The authors tell the story of a grand park emerging in suburban Pleasanton, California.

Case image
Grand parks are typified by their natural settings, cultural facilities, and circulation systems that separate vehicles and pedestrians.

Read the full Case Study.

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Growing and Changing in the Urban Planning Profession
by Heidi Gorman, AICP

We revisit a planner's career path after the Peace Corps. Read Professional Development.

Plan El Paso: Comprehensive Planning in the 21st Century
by Carlos Gallinar, AICP

The author describes El Paso's comprehensive plan, which has launched that city again to the forefront of innovation. Read Planning Essentials.