Moving Beyond Conventional Environmental Planning
by Robert Ernst and Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The authors identify reasons why communities have failed to achieve environmental aims. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

Induced Traffic and the Crisis of Transportation Planning
by Brian Ladd

New roads induce traffic and have thus never solved problems of traffic congestion, the author contends. Read the Special Feature.

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Fiscal Impact Analysis Using GIS in Anoka, Minnesota
by Linda Tomaselli

The author describes a fiscal impact analysis of land uses applied in a city with unique financial circumstances.

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Local government finance is very complex, and simple, quick methods of fiscal impact analysis do not foster adequate understanding given those complexities.

Read the full Case Study.

Gleaning Lessons from Glen Lennox: A Tale of a Community Planning Process
by Megan Wooley

A Chapel Hill, North Carolina, planner shares a story and lessons about neighborhood planning. Read Planning Essentials.