Sustainability Jobs in Urban Planning
by Susette Horspool

Although cities have adopted sustainability plans, planning departments do not appear to be using sustainability expertise as a hiring criterion. Consider some tips for job searches. Read the Planning Practice Feature.

The Evolving Sustainability Playbook of Planning Practice
by Jerry Weitz, FAICP

The editor synthesizes evolving planning practices as they relate to sustainability. Read From the Editor.

Learning from the European Green Capitals
by Rick Pruetz, FAICP

The author summarizes why five cities have been chosen by the European Commission to be the Green Capitals of Europe. Read the Special Feature.

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The Boulevard 2050 in Columbia, Tennessee: A Successful Plan or Bookshelf Bauble?
by Norman Wright, AICP

Judge for yourself whether this corridor planning process and product were successful, and whether the plan document deserves to sit on the proverbial shelf.

Case image
The downtown doesn't have a plan and never did — at least, not in any conventional sense.

Read the full Case Study.

Marketscaping: A Tool for Promoting the Local Economy, Sustainability, and the Creative Class
by Vicki Oppenheim

The author describes community successes resulting from two markets in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. Read Planning Essentials.