2014 PTS Workshops

Past PTS Workshops

2014 Workshops Calendar
November 10-11 Washington, D.C. Community Food Systems Planning
November 12-13 Washington, D.C. Transportation Innovations in Biking and Parking
November 14-15 Washington, D.C. Suburban Redevelopment
June 16-17 Boston Planning in the Face of Conflict*
June 16-17 Boston Comprehensive Planning for Sustainable Communities
June 18-19 Boston Creating Climate-Adaptive and Hazard-Resilient Communities*
June 18-19 Boston Sustainable Zoning and Development Controls*
February 20-21 San Diego  Sustainable Zoning and Development Controls*

*Cosponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Workshop Ideas Welcome

Have an idea for a future PTS workshop topic? Want to propose a workshop on your area of expertise? Send an e-mail to pts@planning.org.

Past PTS Workshops

Advanced Form-based Planning and Zoning
Affordable Housing
Codes for Place-making
Codes for Sustaining Places
Complete Streets
Comprehensive Planning for Sustainable Communities
Conflict Management
Creating Resilient Communities
Economic Recovery
Energy and Climate Change
Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation
Innovative Transportation Planning
Planners and the Foreclosure Crisis
Planning for Climate Change
Planning Flood-Resilient Communities
Planning for Green Infrastructure
Planning for Healthy Communities
Planning for Prosperity in the "New Normal" Economy
Public Health and the Comprehensive Plan
Retrofitting Suburbia Into Sustaining Places
Stormwater Management and Watershed Planning
Sustainable Development Through Form-Based Codes
Sustainable Transportation Planning
Sustainable Zoning and Development Controls
Tackling the Challenges of Vacant Properties
Transit-Oriented Development
Transportation, Land Use, and Green Urbanism
Urban Design for Planners
Water Resources: Best Practices for Planners
Working With Census.gov: Factfinder2 and You
Writing and Updating the Zoning Ordinance