Planning Los Angeles

By David Sloane

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Los Angeles isn't planned; it just happens. Right?

Not so fast! Despite the city's reputation for spontaneous evolution, a deliberate planning process shapes the way Los Angeles looks and lives. Editor David C. Sloane has enlisted more than 35 essayists for a lively, richly illustrated view of this vibrant metropolis. Together they cover the influences and outcomes of planning for a ...

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April 10, 2012
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About the Authors

David Sloane
David Sloane is a professor in the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California. He researches and teaches about community health planning, food security, public safety, and commemoration from historical and contemporary perspectives. Much of his work explores issues of collaboration and change at a neighborhood level, looking at how community advocates can mobilize to affect their environments, and thus their well-being.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Chapter 1: Introduction

David C. Sloane

Chapter 2: History of Planning

Challenging the Myth of an Unplanned Los Angeles
Todd Gish

Regulating Visual Blight
Meredith Drake Reitan

The 1970 Centers Concept Plan for Los Angeles
Vinit Mukhija

LA's Love-Hate Relationship with Nature
Kenneth C. Topping, FAICP

Neighborhood Councils
Juliet Musso

Everyday Los Angeles
Margaret Crawford

The City as Textbook
Meredith Drake Reitan

Chapter 3: Evolving Demographics

Metropolis of Dispersed Diversity
Dowell Myers, Anna Jacobsen, Sarah Mawhorter, and Joshua Wheeler

The Ambiguous Legacies of the 1992 Riots
Josh Sides

Tinker-Toy Urbanism
Meredith Drake Reitan

Minority-Majority Suburbs Change the San Gabriel Valley
Steven A. Preston, FAICP

LA Housing Stories
Janis Breidenbach

Finding Public Space on Private Beaches
Meredith Drake Reitan

Chapter 4: Land-Use and Environmental Policies

One Hundred Years of Land-Use Regulation
Andrew H. Whittemore

Almost New Urbanism
Vinayak Bharne

Glendale's Downtown Specific Plan
Alan Loomis

Regreening the LA River
Meredith Drake Reitan

Planning as a Tool for Battling the Fast-Food Invasion
Lark Galloway-Gilliam

More Than a PSA
Meredith Drake Reitan

Chapter 5: Mobility and Infrastructure

Back to the Future in Transportation Planning
Marlon G. Boarnet

Regional Planning in Southern California
Robert A. Leiter, FAICP, and Elisa Barbour

Ballot Box Planning for Transit
Lisa Schweitzer

Reducing Pollution at the Port
Meredith Drake Reitan

Systemic Change Through CicLAvia
Aaron Paley and Amanda Berman

A Train on Rubber Tires
Meredith Drake Reitan

Chapter 6: Parks and Public Space

Green Spaces in the Auto Metropolis
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

The Afterlife of a Master Plan
Greg Hise and William Deverell

An Orchard Spirals Out
Meredith Drake Reitan

Reestablishing the Connection with Physical Planning and Design
Simon Pastucha

Managing Development Through Urban Growth Boundaries
William Fulton, AICP

Unpaving Paradise: The Green Visions Plan
Jennifer Wolch, Travis Longcore, and John Wilson

Planning a Great Civic Park
Meredith Drake Reitan

Chapter 7: Economic Development

Policy and Community in Los Angeles Development
Goetz Wolff

A Planning Ordinance Injects New Life into Historic Downtown
Ken Bernstein, AICP

The Evolution of Entertainment Retail
Sam Gennawey

Politics of Food and Culture
Meredith Drake Reitan

Community Benefits, Negotiations, and (In)Justice
Gilda Haas

From Barbie to Banksy
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

What the (Economic) Tide Left Behind
Christian L. Redfearn

From KAOS Comes Community
Meredith Drake Reitan




"These newly minted, masterful essays honestly face the losses and gains of planning in a City of Angels that belongs to all of us."

—Kevin Starr, University of Southern California and California State Librarian Emeritus