The Job of the Planning Commissioner

Third Edition Revised

By Albert Solnit

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A popular and practical guide on how to be an effective planning commissioner. Filled with checklists and outlines, it's both a good introduction and a handy reference. Includes a training checklist for new commissioners, criteria for keeping a master plan in working order, lists of tools to guide growth, advice on how to deal with professional staff, and do's and don'ts for conducting successful public meetings.

This edition sharpens the focus on how commissioners and their staffs can operate under four core principles for planning commissioners: citizen involvement, smaller is better, living in a market-driven system, and orderly growth.

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June 1, 1987
APA Planners Press

Table of Contents

1. What are these amateurs doing in government?

2. Understanding the language of planning and zoning

3. A layperson's guide to the planning process and the tools that make it work

4. Prerequisites to doing an effective job

5. Intramural coordinating or the art of not passing the buck

6. Public meetings and public relations

7. Due process or how to be fair

8. Nuts and bolts: zoning and development review

9. Doing a good job on small-town and rural commissions

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