Project Management for Planners

A Practical Guide

By Terry Clark, AICP

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Busy urban planners who increasingly are required to do more, faster, with less are uniquely qualified to use structured project management, a technique long practiced by the military and the construction and information technology industries. AICP member and certified project manager Terry Clark tell planners how to use this proven system to write comprehensive plans, review development propos...

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Jan. 1, 2002
APA Planners Press

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Terry Clark

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
Welcome • Not new • It's not just for engineers anymore • Professional development • The latest fad? • What is project management • Review

2. To manager and supervisors
Introduction • Planning staff are self-motivators • Beyond motivation • The importance to planning managers • Let go! • Review

3. Initiating
Interview • Initiating • Review

4. Planning
Interview • Planning • Review

5. Executing
Interview • Executing • Review

6. Controlling
Interview • Closing • Review

7. Closing
Interview • Closing • Review

8. Case studies
Introduction • Case Study #1:Saving the Everglades • Case Study #2:The little town that could • Case Study #3: A sub, is a sub, is a sub • Case Study #4: Water, water everywhere

9. Perspectives
Introduction • Affirmations • Conclusion