Youth Planning Charrettes

A Manual for Planners, Teachers, and Youth Advocates

By Bruce Race, FAICP, Carolyn Torma

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Invest in the future! Involve young people in planning. Learn how to design charrettes, starting with workshops and ending with lessons learned.

This book explores various approaches to involving youth in schools, museums, and citizen groups. It's a complete guide to successful community charrettes for younger participants (K–8).

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Jan. 6, 1998
APA Planners Press

Table of Contents


Introduction: The power and insights of young people • Benefits of involving youth in planning • Defining the process: Youth workshops and charrettes • Short overview of the field of planning

1. Case studies
Age groups for using charrettes • Youth charrettes in teaching • Youth advocates • Citizenship and leadership

2. Getting ready for workshops and charrettes
Learning objectives • Identifying the planning issues • Workshop and charrette logistics • Preparing a charrette agenda • Preparing a charrette workshop

3. Facilitating the charrette
Participation techniques • Orientation • Five charrette exercises • Debriefing

4. Recording the results
What to record • How to record the results

5. Using the results
New issues: The perspective of youth • Communicating youth ideas and priorities • Active youth citizens

6. Lessons learned
Convey a realistic view of the public decision-making process • Make certain your partners are committed • Ensure everyone understands the goals • Continue communication throughout the entire project • Leave room for flexibility • Prep your charrette team well

7. Designing your own kids' charrette


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