Zoning for Recreational Vehicle Parks (PAS 326)

By Devon Schneider

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To millions of Americans, "setting up camp" means finding parking for a recreational vehicle, not pitching a tent. This report shows how local zoning ordinances can regulate recreational vehicle parks in order to avoid environmental damage, as well as health and safety hazards. 

Based on interviews and 40 case studies, this report covers zoning techniques for directing the loc...

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Date Published
April 1, 1977
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Devon Schneider

Table of Contents

1. RV parks —A popular new land use
What are RV parks? • Why regulate RV parks? • How are RV parks regulated?

2. Zoning treatment and procedures
Definitions • Zoning techniques • Locational requirements and appropriate districts • Review procedures for development applications

3. Development standards
Site restrictions • Park size and density • Vehicle circulation • Parking • Entrances and exits • Accessory uses • Open space and recreational areas • Buffering — Setbacks, screening, and landscaping
Water supply and sewage disposal • Other utilities and public services • Length of stay


A. Development application and site plan requirements

B. Health and sanitation regulations for campgrounds

C. Sample zoning ordinances