Street-Naming and Property-Numbering Systems (PAS 332)

By Margaret Corwin

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Uniform street-naming and property-numbering systems enable residents to find addresses quickly and easily.

This PAS classic is a comprehensive guide to establishing or revising street-naming and house-numbering systems. It shows how to number individual properties; suggests ways to implement a new numbering system; reviews the legal aspects of street naming and numbering; and discusses syst...

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Date Published
March 1, 1978
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Margaret Corwin

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Arguments for adopting a street-naming and housing-numbering system • Possible objections to a new system • Policies • Basic concepts used in street naming and numbering

2. Overview of street names
General principles of street naming • Street names themselves • Street numbers as street names • Prefixes and suffixes used with street names • Street names as locational devices • Thoroughfare designations • Theme names and alphabetical sequencing • Neighborhood unit system • Quadrant system • Coordinate or Lyman system

3. Property numbering
General principles of numbering • Postal service considerations • Frontage intervals • Methods of assigning property numbers • Curvilinear streets within the block system

4. Assigning numbers to individual properties
Odd and even numbers • Apartments and condominiums • Business districts • Numbering when the streets change direction • Streets starting from different points on the same cross street • Diagonal streets • Corner lots • Group housing projects/private drives • Duplex buildings • Rear houses and buildings on interior lots • Numbering on circle streets and horseshoes

5. Implementing the new system
Steps to adoption • Staging • Agencies and organizations that may be helpful in devising a system • Maps, street-name indexes, and records • Procedures for the actual assignment of street numbers on a block • Attachment of numbers to buildings • Notification of number change • Enforcement • Publicity • Costs of implementation • Design of signs and building numbers • Guidelines for renaming existing streets

6. Legal aspects of street naming and numbering
Legal control over the system • Subdivision regulations and building permits • Sample subdivision review procedures • Legal jurisdiction over street names and numbers

7. Problems of larger jurisdictionsùRural areas, metropolitan areas, and states
Rural areas • Metropolitan areas • State systems

A. Bibliography
B. Sample ordinances, subdivision regulations, and forms
City of Irvine, California, a street-naming and numbering resolution • City of Irvine, California, street signs, street names, and street-numbering ordinance • Sample property-numbering ordinance, North Carolina League of Municipalities • Excerpts from Peoria County, Illinois, land subdivision regulations • A sample ordinance, Athens, Georgia • Address correction letter, King County, Washington • Sample address correction form, King County, Washington