Regulating Manufactured Housing (PAS 398)

By Welford Sanders

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Since the 1976 enactment of the HUD code, manufactured housing has become a viable alternative to more costly, site-built homes. The quality of these residences continues to improve until now they are almost indistinguishable from many site-built units. Yet many communities still exclude manufactured housing from the regular pool of housing stock. This guide looks at the advances in manufacture...

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Date Published
Dec. 1, 1986
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Welford Sanders

Table of Contents

1. Background and current trends
Survey overview • Public acceptance • Regulatory problems and abuses • State statutes and the courts

2. Key regulatory issues
Definitions and distinctions • Appearance standards • Location and options for development • Unit installation requirements

3. Standards for manufactured home developments
Location and permitting requirements • Minimum development size • Density • Lot size • Lot width, frontage, and depth • Lot coverage • Unit setback and separation • Common open space and facilities • Perimeter • Landscaping • Streets and sidewalks • Parking

4. Drafting reasonable, effective regulations

Selected bibliography