Solid Waste Management (PAS 424/425)

Planning Issues and Opportunities

By Gary Davis, AICP, Peggy Douglas, Robert Gottlieb, Sidney Wolf

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The United States already has the highest per capita waste generation in the world: 860 pounds a year. We cannot allow that number to grow until we run out of landfill space. Instead, we must move toward ideas like waste reduction, incineration, and recycling to keep the country from being buried under a mound of trash.

Planners are seeing their role in solid waste management increase. This ...

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Date Published
Sept. 1, 1990
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Gary Davis

Peggy Douglas

Robert Gottlieb

Sidney Wolf

Table of Contents

About the authors


1. A waste management crisis
A historical search for solutions • The rise and eclipse of incineration • The three Rs • Differing strategies • Notes

2. Knowing your community's wastes: What they are, where they are going, and what can be done about them
Looking into the waste stream • Liners, leachate, and other landfill issues • The incineration option • Recycling strategies • Outside the waste stream: Advantages and constraints on reuse • Reducing at the source
3. Solid waste legislation: Source reduction, recycling, and facility siting processes
Source reduction legislation • Recycling legislation • Siting solid waste facilities • Conclusion • Notes

4. Worth praising: Examples of good local solid waste management
Seattle-- From bad to good solid waste management • Perkasie, Pennsylvania-- Garbage by the bag • Queen Village (Philadelphia)-- Block corner recycling • North Hempstead, New York-- Comprehensive recycling, not incineration

Appendix. Policy implementation principles of the American Planning Association on solid waste management