Telecom Hotels (PAS 505)

A Planners Guide

By Jennifer Evans-Cowley, AICP

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Do you know what a telecom hotel is?

Beginning in 1999, they began showing up in the downtowns of many American cities. And most of these cities had never seen this type of use before. Many had to draft emergency legislation to prevent these new developments from disrupting downtown plans. This report provides a review of existing regulations, as well as a model ordinance for telecom hotel d...

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Date Published
May 2, 2002
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Jennifer Evans-Cowley

Table of Contents

1. Definitions, location criteria, building types, and demand

2. Telecom speak for the purposes of planning and regulation

3. Telecommunications planning

4. Two sample ordinances and a model ordinance

Appendix A References
Appendix B Locations of Telecom Hotels (March 2002)