Transportation Infrastructure (PAS 557)

The Challenges of Rebuilding America

By Marlon Boarnet

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Transportation infrastructure is one of the most pressing issues for planners and communities today. In the short term, stimulus funding is being used to create jobs and fix critical systems; in the long run, communities are struggling to determine how best to restructure transport networks to encourage better land use and to foster reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Date Published
July 1, 2009
APA Planning Advisory Service

About the Authors

Marlon Boarnet

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Transportation Planning: Crisis and Opportunity
Marlon G. Boarnet

Chapter 2: The Federal Role
2.1 The Federal Agenda for Rebuilding America
Petra Todorovich
2.2 A Bridge to Somewhere: A New Transportation Program for the 21st Century
Robert Puentes
2.3 The Transportation for America Agenda
Mariia Zimmerman

Chapter 3: Transportation Infrastructure and Urban Growth and Development Patterns
3.1 Highway Induced Development: What Research in Metropolitan Areas Tells Us
Reid Ewing
3.2 Infrastructure and Development: Planning Matters
Robert Cervero

Chapter 4: Infrastructure and Global Competitiveness in Southern California
4.1 Regional Transportatioon Planning for Southern California Ports
Michael Armstrong
4.2 Goods Movement in Southern California
Thomas O'Brien
4.3 Sustainable Goods Movement in Southern California: The Promise of Collaborative Planning
Marlon G. Boarnet, Lindell Marsh, Chris Lunghino, and Lucy Olmos

Chapter 5: America's Commercial Waterways: An Underutilized Resource
Noel Patrick Comeaux, AICP

Chapter 6: Sustainable Streets: An Essential Emerging Practice
Ellen Greenberg, AICP

Chapter 7: Reducing Greenhouse-Gas Emissions from Transportation
Daniel Sperling, Deborah Salon, and Nic Lutsey

Chapter 8: Big City Planning Directors Approaches to Infrastructure
Armando Carbonell, AICP; William R. Anderson, FAICP; Barbara L. Sporlein; and Harriet Tregoning, with William R. Klein, AICP

Chapter 9: A New Paradigm for Transportation Planning
Robert E. Paaswell