Professional Characteristics: Region of Work

Professional Characteristics: Region of Work


Coastal Region(s) Served by Respondents (Question #2)

West Coast 223 32.5
Atlantic Southeast 154 22.4
Atlantic Northeast 136 19.8
Great Lakes 110 16.0
Gulf of Mexico 100 14.6
Mid-Atlantic 95 13.8
Pacific Islands 29 4.2
Arctic 20 2.9
Caribbean Sea 15 2.2
Total Responses 882  

a. Respondents could select more than one coastal region

b. Percentages based on 687 survey respondents. However, respondents were encouraged to identify all applicable coastal regions. Therefore, total responses exceed total respondents.

Table 1b shows a broad distribution of coastal regions for which respondents have served or currently serve; no one region captured even 33.3% (one-third) of respondents. The West Coast netted the highest percentage of respondents (32.5%) but, when combined, the Atlantic Coast regions netted 56% of respondents. Less than 5% of all respondents selected Pacific Islands, Arctic, or Caribbean Sea as coastal regions they have served or currently serve.

Because respondents were allowed to select more than one region, the percentages in Table 1b total more than 100 percent (882/687 = 128.4%). Figure 1b below shows the same data as percentages of all responses, rather than as percentages of respondents.  In this chart, the three regions along the Atlantic Ocean were combined.

Figure 1b.

Regional Identifications of Respondents