Professional Characteristics: Roles


Current or Past Roles of Responding Coastal Community Planners (Question #1)

Professional Planner (public sector) 458 66.7
Professional Planner (private sector) 218 31.7
Academic 45 6.6
Planning Commissioner 23 3.3
Land-Use Attorney 6 0.9
Otherb 56 8.2
Have not been involved in planning coastal communitiesc 0 0.0
Total Responses 806  

a. Respondents could select more than one role

b. Write-in responses for "Other" are provided at the end of this page.

c. Respondents who chose this response were screened out of the rest of the survey (see Endnote #i)

d. Percentages based on 687 survey respondents. However, respondents were encouraged to identify all applicable roles based on their current or past service in coastal communities. Therefore, total responses exceed total respondents.

Table 1a shows that two-thirds (nearly 67%) of respondents have held or currently hold the role of professional planner in the public sector. More than 98% of respondents have held or currently the role of professional planner in either the public or the private sector. Comparatively few respondents identify themselves with academic, planning commissioner, or land-use attorney roles.

Because respondents were allowed to select more than one role, the percentages in Table 1a total more than 100 percent (806/687 = 117.3%). Figure 1a below shows the same data as percentages of all responses, rather than as percentages of respondents.


Figure 1a.

Roles Identified by Respondents

Roles Identified by Respondents


"Other" Responses

  • GIS specialist
  • Resident
  • Developer
  • Worked with local community based organization around planning issues
  • Local elected official
  • Planner, not-for-profit Land Trust
  • GIS coordinator for several towns
  • Oceanographer
  • Civil engineer
  • NOAA Coastal Fellow in Wisconsin presently
  • Inactive AICP planner; former town planning commissioner
  • School facilities planner/architect
  • Student
  • GIS specialist for private planning firm
  • Retired
  • Architect
  • Real estate broker
  • School planner
  • Village manager
  • Elected official
  • Master's in planning; thesis on sea-level rise; unemployed
  • GIS administrator
  • Town manager
  • St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River
  • Environmental permitting/planning
  • conservation biologist involved in planning for natural resources in coastal communities
  • summer resident of ontario canada coastal community
  • institutional planning
  • career naval officer; AICP; beneficiary thereof
  • worked as a meteorologist
  • CAD & GIS
  • GIS Mapping
  • Zoning/Planning  Administrator
  • General Consultant
  • Project Manager for Port of Tacoma
  • Design and construction of coastal improvements
  • Non-profit planning
  • Town administrator/planner
  • Project Manager (navigation, jetties & flood risk reduction)
  • Cartographer
  • Municipal engineer
  • Professional civil engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Planner (non-profit)
  • State agency staff
  • Technical support to planning professionals in regional governmental agency
  • GIS analyst/tech support
  • Military natural resources planner
  • University research institute
  • GIS analyst
  • Architects with projects in coastal communities
  • GIS analyst for a land trust
  • Real estate appraiser and planner
  • GIS analyst
  • Involved citizen volunteer
  • Federal Government/DOD/Navy