Forestry Literature Review

The Planning for Urban and Community Forestry review contains book, article, and government document citations. The list may be considered both a literature review and a resource list for the project.

Texts were chosen for the review based on several criteria, including relevance to the topic of municipal planning, timeliness, and the ability to convey concepts accurately and concisely to an audience of planners.

The resource list is arranged under the following topics: Ecosystem Planning, which includes green infrastructure and biodiversity; Urban Forestry, general information; Watershed Planning; Municipal Planning, broken down further into Comprehensive Planning and Area Planning; Ordinances, Regulations, Incentives; Economic Benefits of Urban Forestry; Social Benefits of Urban Forestry; Environmental Benefits of Urban Forestry, which has the further sub-topics of Air Quality, Water Quality, Soil, and Urban Heat Island.

Each section is arranged first chronologically, then alphabetically by author. This allows the newest material to be viewed first.

Forestry Literature Review (pdf)