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    • Ethics in Planning

      The AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct offers help for certified planners to negotiate the tough ethical and moral dilemmas they sometimes face. APA also offers a guide to Ethical Principles in Planning for others in the planning process.
    • Pennsylvania Avenue Corridor / West End, Marianna, Florida

      Community Planning Assistance Team Report
      An APA Community Planning Assistance Team that visited Marianna, Florida, in 2018 recommends attracting new residents, adding landscaping and signs, adding sidewalks and bike facilities, highlighting recreational assets, and reviewing city permitting processes.
    • Digital Planning Magazine

      Digital Planning magazine can be read on a computer, tablet, smart phone — any device that has an Internet connection.
    • Choosing the Planning Profession

      Information on where planners work, salaries and skills, and planning schools and educational partner organizations, including the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) and the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB).
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's January 2019 issue: fighting opioid addiction, 2018 midterm state election impacts, earthquake prep in San Francisco.
    • Corridor Planning

      PAS QuickNotes 76
      by: Jennifer Henaghan
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes introduces the concept of corridor planning and provides a primer on the corridor planning process.
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    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's December 2018 issue: equity in a new Tulsa park, subsidized election day transportation, digital transit fares, and news briefs.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's November 2018 issue: code update in Austin, Texas; traffic plan from an Eagle Scout; regulating electric bicycles; and news briefs.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's October 2018 issue: 2018 state ballot preview, municipal bond costs, Native American statues, and news briefs.
    • APA Foundation: One Member's Adventures in Planning

      by: Elizabeth Hartig
      Learn about initiatives of the APA Foundation through the career journey of one member, John Reinhardt, AICP.
    • Planning Charrette

      City of Geneva
      Geneva, IL
      Deadline: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
      The City of Geneva and the Shodeen Family Foundation are seeking proposals from qualified firms to lead a five-day planning charrette for the redevelopment of the Mill Race Inn site located along the Fox River in downtown Geneva, Illinois.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's July 2018 issue: lynching memorial, vacant property rates, California solar mandate, and news briefs.
    • Movement, Victories, and New Challenges Ahead for CPAT

      by: Ryan Scherzinger, AICP
      APA's Community Planning Assistance Teams program shares some of the success of its past projects with updates from a few communities and provides an update on upcoming new projects.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's August/September 2018 issue: Hawaii volcano, highway project with wetlands, burial space shortage, and news briefs.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's May 2018 issue: offshore drilling, federal budget, traffic calming in Philadelphia, and news briefs.
    • Stantec

      Radical Incrementalism: The surprising power of planning small

      December 8, 2016, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST
      • Simon O'Byrne
      CM | 1
    • Advancing Planning During National Community Planning Month

      by: Claire Warner, Emily Pasi
      Planning advocates nationwide are connecting with their elected officials this month to highlight the important role planning plays in addressing communities' most daunting challenges.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's June 2018 issue: Alaska climate refugees, Mardi Gras beads blocking drains, transportation cyberattack threats, and news briefs.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's April 2018 issue: homelessness, Trump infrastructure plan, net neutrality, and news briefs.
    • National Planning Conference

      Come to APA’s 2019 National Planning Conference and see what’s ahead for you, your community, and your career.
    • Planning October 2018

      In the October 2018 issue of Planning, an examination of the combination of combining planning practice and theory into a successful curriculum. Plus, the legacy of advocacy planner James Davidoff, the latest on parking, and planning with people with autism.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's February 2018 issue: federal tax law changes, Memphis Confederate monuments, Texas nonprofits overhaul parks.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's March 2018 issue: states and the 2020 Census, flood insurance claims, panhandling, and news briefs.
    • Amplifying the Value of Planning During National Community Planning Month

      by: Claire Warner
      Planning departments nationwide are making the case this National Community Planning Month about the essential role planning plays in creating communities prepared for the future through school visits, photo contests, celebrations of planning, and more.
    • Planning January 2019

      Planning's January 2019 issue takes a close look at San Francisco, host city of APA's 2019 National Planning Conference. Catch up on Bay Area progress toward climate and hazard resiliency, affordable housing, and supporting innovation while protecting the public interest.
    • National Planning Awards

      Planning magazine profiles the winners of APA's 2018 National Planning Awards for Excellence and Achievement.
    • Plan4Health Success Story: Food Hub in Kane County, Illinois

      by: Elizabeth Hartig
      Through Plan4Health, the Kane County (Illinois) Planning Cooperative worked to expand and build partnerships to address inactivity and unhealthy diets.
    • Planning News

      In Planning News from Planning magazine's January 2018 issue: dockless bike share, regulating private trees, U.S. Census budget shortfall, and news briefs.
    • Planning

      The table of contents for Planning magazine’s November 2015 issue.
    • Planning December 2018

      Equity is a theme that runs through the December 2018 issue of Planning. Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, and Natchez are in the equity spotlight. Also, art plays a part in public engagement around the country, and New Rochelle, New York, is having success with a market-based redevelopment process.
    • Planning November 2018

      The November 2018 issue of Planning highlights American planners' efforts to prepare their communities for 21st-century challenges. In the West, they work to realign the region's water infrastructure. Nationwide, they integrate design and safety features in buildings and public spaces. Plus: decking over freeways and implementing plans.
    • Planning History Timeline

      Explore the timeline of American planning history since 1900.
    • Planning June 2018

      The June 2018 issue of Planning tells a range of planning stories: summer music festival cities and their challenges, West Virginia in the post-coal economy, and planners using tactical urbanism to solve small-town problems.
    • Land-Use Planning via MPOs

      A new survey of 25 Metropolitan Planning Organizations reveals that nearly half now fund smart growth-oriented local land-use planning.
    • Planning for Autonomous Mobility

      PAS Report 592
      by: Jeremy Crute, William Riggs, AICP, Timothy Chapin, Lindsay Stevens, AICP
      Autonomous vehicles are poised to disrupt the built environment and planning practices. This PAS Report offers a road map for planners as they develop policy solutions and infrastructure investments for the future of AVs.
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    • Best-Case Scenario Planning

      Incorporating AV and other technology into plans.
      Change and uncertainty — from technology to climate change to shifts in the economy — are disrupting the planning tradition of mid- and long-range forecasts. Scenario planning can be a powerful tool for incorporating uncertainty.
    • Planning April 2018

      Planning magazine's April 2018 cover story zeroes in on a multi-jurisdictional effort to promote fair housing around Kansas City 50 years after the Fair Housing Act. Also: profiles of 2018 National Planning Award winners and departments.
    • All About Scenario Planning

      This session takes participants through the basics of what scenario planning is, when to use it, and how to get started. This introduction is grounded by stories from practitioners who have recently completed planning projects using scenario planning.
      April 15, 2019, 8:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. PDT
      • Brett Fusco
      • William Gilchrist
      • Benjamin Zellers, AICP
      CM | 1.25
    • Community Resilience Scenario Planning Model

      Technical User Guide
      The Community Resilience Scenario Planning Model (CRSPM) described in this guide can be used in the context of an overall plan update, as part of special purpose plans, or in developing a standalone community resilience plan and implementation strategy.
    • Planning July 2018

      In the July 2018 issue, Planning drops in on small- to medium-sized cities that are updating regulations, revising codes, offering financial incentives, and more to support hometown retail and spur economic development. Plus oil and gas preemptions and the LA River.
    • Preparing Your National Planning Award Nomination

      The 2019 APA National Planning Award Nomination Period is August 22 through September 10, 2018.
    • 2018 Awards: Recognizing Planning Excellence

      The 2018 APA National Planning Award recipients were recognized at a special luncheon on April 23, 2018.
    • Celebrate Careers in Planning

      by: Bobbie Albrecht
      Career Service offerings from APA to help celebrate National Community Planning Month. #PlanningMonth
    • APA Conference Creates Conduit Between Water and Planning Professionals

      Registration is open for APA's Water and Planning Connect conference.
    • So ... No Planning Degree?

      by: Richard Willson, FAICP
      A "Guide for the Idealist" blog post: Direction for those interested in starting or changing careers in planning without a planning degree.
    • Immigration, Growth, and Planning

      In Viewpoint from the March 2018 issue of Planning magazine: Planners have an important role to play in immigration policy, and there are many ways we can get involved.
    • Planning February 2018

      Planning magazine's February 2018 issue spotlights transportation systems based on universal design principles, examines a proven but often-overlooked transit mode, and offers five tested strategies for improving planner/developer communications.
    • National Planning Awards

      Each year, APA honors innovative individuals, plans, and planning efforts.
    • Planning January 2018

      Planning's January 2018 issue takes a close look at New Orleans, host city of APA's 2018 National Planning Conference. The Crescent City, which celebrates its tricentennial this year, has taken up resilience-based planning in a big way, for water systems, transportation, economic development, and more.
    • Home

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