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    • APA Conference Creates Conduit Between Water and Planning Professionals

      Registration is open for APA's Water and Planning Connect conference.
    • Expanding California's Leadership in Diversifying the Planning Profession

      by: Miguel Vazquez, AICP, Linda Dalton, FAICP
      What does diversity and inclusion mean to APA, the planning profession, and planners' efforts to address diversity, inclusion, and equity in planning? Hear from two planners about the road to progress in California.
    • Immigration, Growth, and Planning

      In Viewpoint from the March 2018 issue of Planning magazine: Planners have an important role to play in immigration policy, and there are many ways we can get involved.
    • National Planning Awards

      Each year, APA honors innovative individuals, plans, and planning efforts.
    • Planning February 2018

      Planning magazine's February 2018 issue spotlights transportation systems based on universal design principles, examines a proven but often-overlooked transit mode, and offers five tested strategies for improving planner/developer communications.
    • Planning January 2018

      Planning's January 2018 issue takes a close look at New Orleans, host city of APA's 2018 National Planning Conference. The Crescent City, which celebrates its tricentennial this year, has taken up resilience-based planning in a big way, for water systems, transportation, economic development, and more.
    • Planning December 2017

      Planning magazine's December 2017 issue examines what New Orleans and other communities are doing about controversial public monuments honoring the Confederacy, while articles on smart cities, diversity and inclusion, and public participation cover exciting developments in contemporary planning in Columbus, Durham, and Detroit.
    • Planning Communities from Within

      Without urban planners and planning researchers of color, we miss out on valuable perspectives.
    • Planning for Cars that Drive Themselves

      Planners can't answer all the questions arising around autonomous vehicles, but it’s important we ask and start thinking about them. APA’s PAS Report, Planning for Autonomous Mobility, drives that effort along.
    • Autism Planning and Design Guidelines 1.0

      PAS Memo — July-August 2018
      by: Jonathan Ezell, AICP CUD, Galyna Korniyenko, Richard Stein, AICP
      This PAS Memo introduces a framework for planning for people with autism and offers an initial set of planning and design guidelines for the public realm that addresses their needs.
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    • Volunteer Planning Team Focuses on Integrating Hazard Mitigation Efforts in Wharton

      A Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) is working in Wharton, Texas, February 22-25, 2019.
    • The Intersection of Planning and Technology

      The Tech Zone at NPC18 offers attendees the opportunity to explore and experience new planning technology.
    • Scenario Planning

      This collection catalogs resources that provide information about developing and using scenarios in local and regional planning.
    • Neighborhood Planning

      PAS QuickNotes 62
      by: David Morley, AICP
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes provides a brief overview of neighborhood planning and highlights key steps in the neighborhood planning process.
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    • Planning and the Opioid Epidemic

      by: Sagar Shah, PhD
      What is the role of planning in the ongoing opioid epidemic in the U.S.?  In 2018, APA will offer a series of webinars to explore the intersection of planning and this national crisis.
    • Planning May 2017

      The May 2017 issue of Planning magazine reveals what's extraordinary about this year's five National Planning Excellence Award recipients and recognizes National Planning Achievement Award winners. Also in this issue, breakthroughs in planning practice: new uses for immersive environmental technologies, Esri's Green Infrastructure Initiative, and efforts to diminish urban light pollution.
    • Planning October 2017

      In the October 2017 issue, Planning recognizes the 10th anniversary of APA's Great Places in America program by revisiting many of the streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces. Did APA recognition help their communities and raise the profile of local planning? Also, broadband, landslides, and passive house standards.
    • Help Planning Researchers Learn More About the Profession

      by: Jennifer Henaghan, AICP
      Can you spare a few minutes to help planning researchers? Four current opportunities need planners to share their experiences in and knowledge of creative placemaking, working for global or publicly traded planning firms, and planning practice in small cities, towns, and counties.
    • Tips for Engaging Partners in National Community Planning Month

      by: Melissa Dickens, AICP
      Melissa Dickens, the APA Florida Sun Coast Section chair, shares activities the section held to promote National Planning Month.
    • Multihazard Planning Framework for Communities in the Wildland-Urban Interface

      This planning framework and the accompanying planning systems audit tool are designed for use by planners working in or with communities located in the wildland-urban interface (WUI).
    • Creating Planning Documents

      PAS Report 589
      by: Allyson Mendenhall, Claire Hempel, AICP CUD, Emily Risinger, Stephanie Grigsby, AICP
      Planners routinely create plans, reports, and guides. This PAS Report is a guide to recommended practices, including field-tested tools and strategies to help planners manage the process of creating planning documents from concept to delivery.
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    • The Australian Planning Experience

      This Tuesdays at APA-DC presentation examined the Australian planning context and 21st century challenges.
    • APA Interest Group Incorporates Public Schools into Community Planning

      by: Candace Stowell, AICP
      The APA Public Schools Interest Group looks to improve equity by creating stronger linkages between the planning profession and public school districts.
    • APA Ambassador Highlights Planning on Palm Springs Career Day

      by: Kimberly Glas-Castro, AICP
      APA Ambassador Kimberly Glas-Castro, AICP, excites students about planning as a career choice.
    • Uniting Planning Theory and Practice

      University planning programs need to formulate new approaches to education that connects students to their local communities and incorporates innovative technology.
    • Integrating Capital Improvements Planning With the Comprehensive Plan

      PAS Memo — September-October 2018
      by: Stevie Greathouse, Liane Miller, AICP, Ming-ru Chu
      This PAS Memo explains how the City of Austin, Texas, developed a new model for the capital improvements program planning process to better involve planners and integrate comprehensive planning into the CIP.
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    • Planning Director

      City of Northport
      Northport, AL
      7 days ago
    • Contra Costa Centre Transit Village

      Contra Costa Centre Transit Village received the 2012 National Planning Excellence Award for Implementation.
    • Planning Director

      City of Northport
      Northport, AL
      2 days ago
    • Planning Manager

      City of Kissimmee
      Kissimmee, FL
      8 days ago
    • Honoring Planning Legacies

      APA National Planning Awards Jury Chair W. Shedrick Coleman hopes to see more nominations from smaller and mid-sized communities.
    • Planning Technician

      City of Irwindale
      Irwindale, CA
    • Director, Planning

      Palm Beach County
      West Palm Beach, FL
      6 days ago
    • Plan4Health Success Story: Planning in a Time of Health Inequity

      by: Linda Khamoushian
      The Planning for Health Convening for Southern California brought together planners and public health professionals to forge alliances for community health.
    • Planning Director

      City of Huron
      Huron, SD
      3 days ago
    • Advocating the Value of Good Planning

      Let’s make 2018 a year of advocacy for good planning, says APA CEO Jim Drinan.
    • Planning Internships

      Valley Metro
      Phoenix, AZ
      6 days ago
    • Planning November 2017

      Parks and play spaces get double coverage in the November 2017 issue of Planning. "A Case for Play" visits pioneering playgrounds, while "Nurturing Neighborhoods" explores the many benefits that that well-planned urban parks convey to their surrounding communities. Also, flood preparation and suburban office parks.
    • Neighborhood Planning

      This collection catalogs resources that provide background and policy guidance on planning for discrete, contiguous, predominantly residential subareas of cities, as well as examples of locally adopted neighborhood plans.
    • Planning Director

      City and Borough of Sitka
      Sitka, AK
      8 days ago
    • Planning July 2017

      In the July 2017 issue, Planning magazine examines how the profession is getting a major refresh as a new generation of planners — with a new generation of ideas — moves in with gusto. Also, planning ethics, bus rapid transit, parklets, and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
    • Planning Assistant

      Lowcountry Council of Governments (LCOG)
      Yemassee, SC
      27 days ago
    • Planning Coordinator

      Lexington, KY
      24 days ago
    • Get New Megaregional Planning Resources

      by: Anna Read, AICP
      Get resources on megaregional planning from APA and the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
    • NPC18 Water and Planning Guide: 7 Must-Attend Events

      by: Gulafshan Ghori
      Attend the following water and planning related events at the National Planning Conference to learn about a broad range of topics related to planning for water and addressing water resource challenges.
    • How Did You Celebrate Planning Month?

      by: Jerah Smith
      With National Community Planning Month winding down, here are some of the many ways you demonstrated the value of planning this October.
    • Philadelphia City Planning Commission

      The Philadelphia City Planning Agency is the winner of the 2016 National Planning Excellence Award for a Planning Agency.
    • Efforts in Motion: Planning, Policy, and Equity

      by: Monica Guerra, Miguel Vazquez, AICP
      Equity remains one the most important issues facing planners today, and APA is committed to addressing the issue head on through our policy, research, and education work, including the upcoming Planning for Equity Policy Guide.
    • Making Planning Teams Work

      by: Richard Willson, FAICP
      "A Guide for the Idealist" blog post: Idealist planners work in teams, across disciplines and within planning. What are the basics of being a good team member?
    • Planners Discuss the Barriers to Effective Drought Mitigation Planning

      by: Joseph DeAngelis, AICP
      APA research associate Joseph DeAngelis, AICP, outlines the findings from APA's recent Drought Mitigation Planning Summit and Survey Report, and what it means for planners.

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