Solar Planning & Zoning Data Search

Welcome to the Solar Planning & Zoning Data Search! From this portal you can search hundreds of examples of solar-supportive plans, development regulations, and other planning-related implementation tools. Whether your community is large or small and has mild or harsh winters, you’re likely to find some peers here that have taken steps that make it easier for residents and businesses to use solar energy.

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Featured Items:

Boulder County Land Use Code

This ordinance defines large, medium, and small solar energy systems or solar gardens and the zoning districts in which they are permitted.

Boulder County, CO

Climate Action Plan

This Climate Action Plan calls for solar siting development standards and solar ready homes in new developments and for an increase in solar access to be included in General Plan updates.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Comprehensive Plan 2024

The Natural Resources element of the city's comprehensive plan includes a broad objective to increase the use of solar energy along with seven recommended strategies that address both public and private investments in solar development.

Clemson, SC

Growth Management Plan

The Conservation element of this plan includes goals, objectives, and policies of encouraging renewable energy alternatives, including planning for solar energy implementation.

Orlando, FL

Guidebook for Solar Photovoltaic Projects in Philadelphia; Guidebook for Solar Water Heating Projects in Philadelphia

These guidebooks outline criteria that allow a developer to apply for a streamlined solar permit.

Philadelphia, PA

Solar Development Plan

This plan identifies stakeholder-recommended strategies, concepts, goals, and action steps to guide the region in deploying solar technologies and growing the solar industry.

San Antonio, TX

Solar Energy System Design Guidelines and Solar Recognition Program

Santa Barbara’s Solar Energy System Design Guidelines contain both general principles and specific techniques for designing well integrated, visually appealing solar systems.

Santa Barbara, CA

Sustainable Lowell 2025

Lowell’s master plan documents sustainability accomplishments, which include investment and growth in installed solar capacity. The plan includes goals that prioritize the installation of solar arrays on both homes and municipal properties.

Lowell, MA

Zoning Ordinance

This zoning ordinance’s article on Solar Systems includes an extensive list of solar-related definitions and standards for accessory ground-mounted, roof-mounted, building-integrated, and wall-mounted systems, as well as standards for principal-use solar systems. It also addresses solar systems located in historic districts.

Bay City, MI