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Planning joins the reader revolution with APA e-books. If you enjoy the convenience of readers and tablets, you’ll like the growing selection in our store. And you’ll appreciate features that include a bookmarked table of contents for easy navigation.

These APA e-book titles are available in the three most popular formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. Read our quick guide to e-books and choose the format that works best with your device. Prefer print? Except for a few e-book exclusives, all titles will still be available in hardcover, paperback, or both.

Parking Management Best Practices
by Todd Litman

The Board of Adjustment
by V. Gail Easley

The Small Town Planning Handbook
by Thomas L. Daniels

Planning in Plain English
by Natalie Macris

Foreclosing the Dream
by William H. Lucy

Neighbors & Neighborhoods
by Sidney Brower

Planning Theory for Practitioners
by Michael P. Brooks

The Citizen's Guide to Planning
by Christopher J. Duerksen

What Planners Do
by Charles Hoch