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Tech Showcase: Geodesign Strategies for Urban Planning

CM | 1.00

Date: Sunday, April 14

Begins: 10:00AM

Ends: 11:00AM

Activity Code: S200

Room: Acapulco Suite

Urban planners charged with steering a course for their cities and regions are struggling with declining budgets, a tough economy, the changing nature of cities, and new expectations for technology-enabled analysis and public engagement. While state and local government markets continue to embrace traditional GIS applications, tremendous opportunities are arising to reengage and reinvigorate the customer base using geodesign. Esri will team with Placeways in this session to explore 7 trends in planning technology that are changing the way planners work in today’s challenging environment: the cloud, maps and apps, livability analysis, scenario planning, online community engagement, multi-scale planning, and 3D.