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Tech Showcase: Modeling the Impacts of Transit Oriented Development in 3D

CM | 1.00

Date: Monday, April 15

Begins: 4:00PM

Ends: 5:00PM

Activity Code: S207

Room: Acapulco Suite

Most urban growth is expected to take place in small and medium-sized cities of 1 million or fewer, this means that the world will add approximately one new city of 1 million people every 10 days for the next 90 years. How do we plan for the infrastructure necessary to support this growth while maintaining openspace and rural character? This technical showcase will demonstrate how ArcGIS and CityEngine could be used to augment the creative decision making power of geodesign. Esri's 3D City template will be used to drive site analysis and selection, while CityEngine supplies advanced plan visualization, the results of which are pulled back into the template for use in further analysis. CityEngine, when paired with ArcGIS, provides a powerful tool for understanding and visualizing what could be, in the context of what is.