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New Visualizations and Metrics in Transit Planning

Date: Monday, April 15

Begins: 12:00PM

Ends: 2:00PM

Activity Code: S347

Room: Riverside Center Exhibition Hall

Incorporating transit into the planning process has typically been an ad hoc activity, constrained by inaccessible and at times non-existent transit and land-use data. Emerging web services and comprehensive datasets provide opportunities to better integrate transit and planning. The purpose of this project is to make complex transit data accessible to planners and decision-makers, and to make use of non-traditional internet sources in planning for transit. This project will result in a web-based tool to visualize transit and land-use characteristics for cities in the United States. The tool combines publicly available sources such as census and transit data along with queries from to create a series of visualizations and summary statistics for a user-defined area. This output provides clear and concise information about the transit environment to planners and decision-makers. Moreover, the use of standardized data sources allows conclusions drawn at the local level to be reconsidered comparatively at the regional or national level. The methods identified in this work leverage sophisticated and increasingly available data that the planning profession has yet to fully engage.