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Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis for this activity. Arrive early.

Capstone Presentations 2

Date: Saturday, April 13

Begins: 1:00PM

Ends: 3:00PM

Activity Code: S417

Room: Riverside Center Exhibition Hall

Dubuque South Port Redevelopment Sandwich, Kaley Bangston; The Role of Metropolitan Planning Organizations for the Implementation of Complete Streets - Two Case Studies from Ohio, Deborah Riemann; Greening the Gap: Improving Waterfront Access in East Harlem, Erin Mcauliff; Borrowed Ground: How vacant lots can contribute to land access and healthy foods in neighborhood-scale foodsheds, Ben Kerrick; Up an Urban Creek: Developing Smarter to Protect Streams, Maria Sandercock; The Market to Park It: A Case for Parking Reforms in India's Emerging Mega-City of Ahmedabad, Justin Resnick; Bicycle Sharing Is the New Black, But Can It Make Some Green?, Justin Resnick; Using Spatial Pattern Analysis to Explore Regional Characteristics: A Focus on F&B Shops in Gangnam District, South Korea, Hogeun Park; Breaking the Mode: Campus Impacts of an Alternative Transportation Marketing & Outreach Program, Jessica Kuo; Innovations in Multi-Modal, Schematic Transit Mapping, Margaret Finch Carragher; EVER GREEN: An Enduring System of Parks and Greenways in Detroit, Ting Ma