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Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis for this activity. Arrive early.

The Daniel Burnham Forum on Big Ideas: Planning in the 4th Dimension

CM | 1.25

Date: Sunday, April 14

Begins: 5:30PM

Ends: 6:45PM

Activity Code: S513

Room: Grand Ballroom A

How does technology affect time and space? How do we plan for an information-rich future? This session focuses on the reality of an increasingly information-rich environment. Learn more about the roles that information and information technology play in building community, both near (local) and far (continental and inter-continental). Attendees will develop awareness of the virtual environment and the new challenges planners may have as the structure of society changes around us. Speakers identify current issues facing communities where planners have an opportunity to address the integration of information flow and planning. Part 1: Near – Explore the local impacts and the potential to knit local community. Who “owns” the airwaves which serve as a public good? Speakers examine the spatial-local qualities of the invisible world – planning for access to the airwaves in our local communities, and ways in which to use the web to build community off-line. Part 2: Far – The segment explores connectivity across space. Technology allows for communication across great distances and for impacts made by actors who may be physically far away. As networks become dispersed, who do planners serve—those in their physical place or others as well?