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Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis for this activity. Arrive early.

Water Management and Urban Design

CM | 1.25

Date: Tuesday, April 16

Begins: 7:30AM

Ends: 8:45AM

Activity Code: S604

Room: Columbus Hall A/B

Track: Water: Too Much, Too Little, Too Polluted Symposium

CEU Accredidations: AIA - LU/HSW/SD

Green infrastructure is not a new term in China, but how to make the best use of it to mitigate the serious water pollution is still in question for Chinese cities. This session examines the innovative green infrastructure projects in China. Taking two cities as examples, we will share the story of how Chinese and American planners work together to make green infrastructure a strong improvement to the water environment in these two cities. Hear how planners in Szechuan province started to see water as an "amenity" instead of "utility", and setting up a solid policy framework to lay out the multi-level foundation for green infrastructure plan. Find out how urban designers from Guangdong province implement the green infrastructure in urban design to mitigate the non-point source water pollution in the city.