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Division Discussion: Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy

CM | 0.75

Date: Sunday, April 14

Begins: 1:30PM

Ends: 2:45PM

Activity Code: S854

Room: Riverside Center Exhibition Hall

Throughout the US communities are working to integrate energy planning - including both planning to enable renewables such as wind and solar, and larger-scaled issues of fracking and pipelines - into their 'regular' comprehensive plans. With wind and solar technologies and research in a constant state of change, and with conflicting and often impassioned politics around siting, impacts, and community benefits, planners must navigate a shifting landscape to provide sound advice to commissions, boards and leadership. This facilitated discussion will provide a forum where experienced leaders in the field and planners on the front lines can share stories, what-ifs, scenarios, and best practices for making meaningful plans and recommendations around complex energy issues. Topics that will be starting off the discussion may include:
- What are the tools and techniques for sorting out genuine aesthetic issues from NIMBY objections to local wind and solar?
- What plan language or strategies will help us work more effectively with public utility boards when new facilities are proposed?
- What aspects of energy management are best dealt with somewhere other than a comprehensive plan?