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Division Discussion: Linking Urban Design, Historic Preservation, and Public Spaces

CM | 1.25

Date: Monday, April 15

Begins: 10:45AM

Ends: 12:00PM

Activity Code: S860

Room: Riverside Center Exhibition Hall

This session, with a geographically diverse faculty of presenters from New England, Florida, and Washington State, integrates planning and law in addressing how linking urban design with historic preservation and an initiative to connect public spaces can yield synergistic results in older, smaller cities desiring to capitalize on their existing built environment and their interest in revitalization.

Presenters, which include two consulting planners, a planner-lawyer, a city director of development, and a planner from the National Park Service will present examples from their experience with successful, and sometimes not-so-successful, efforts to link design with historic preservation in the process of connecting public spaces and providing for economic revitalization.

Presenters bring experience from Hartford, Connecticut, and the development of a national park there in the context of a small, economically-challenged central city which is also developing a process and plan for linking areas of the city. That innovative "IQuilt” culture-based urban design program will capitalize on the proposed national park and the Coltsville Historic District. The Hartford experience will be contrasted and compared with similar undertakings in the Southeast and the Northwest.