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Division Discussion: Latinos in Planning

CM | 0.75

Date: Monday, April 15

Begins: 1:30PM

Ends: 2:15PM

Activity Code: S864

Room: Riverside Center Exhibition Hall

The growth of the Latino population is part of a larger wave of shifting demographics which continues to shape the diversity of the U.S. Demographic experts indicate that given this trend it is probable that we could see a U.S population that has a majority minority population as early as the year 2019. Additionally, cities are also experiencing a shifting presence of Latinos in response to anti-immigration policies in border states and as shifting economic and industrial investments draw labor pool markets into new regions of the U.S. As communities advance in their diversity it is advantageous they understand the benefits, challenges, and opportunities for creating and including Latinos in their planning process.
Addressing planning issues in the context of Latino communities is a priority of the Latinos and Planning Division. By hosting a series of regional Dialogos (Spanish for “dialogues”), planners, community development groups and other professionals were and are able to focus on planning challenges facing Latino communities. This facilitated discussion targets ALL planners who are experiencing changes in the Latino population and now need to find innovative ways for targeting the Latino audience. The use of Dialogos as a process for engagement will be described and lessons will be shared among participants. You will hear from planners who have organized and delivered Dialogo meetings throughout the states, all with varied approaches will be shared. Resources will be provided to help plan Dialogos in your community or region.