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List: $85.00


Special Service Areas for Corridors

CM | 3.50

Date: Tuesday, April 16

Begins: 10:15AM

Ends: 2:15PM

Activity Code: W042

Room: West Tower - Crystal Foyer

There are 44 active SSAs in the City of Chicago. The taxing districts allow for community-driven economic development in many of Chicago’s neighborhoods. This workshop will take participants to the bustling shopping district on State Street, the first SSA created by the City of Chicago in 1977; SSA #47 in Bronzeville, a historic African American community; SSA #8 and SSA #17 in the north side neighborhood of Lakeview. At each stop participants will hear from the SSA manager about what kinds of programs and services the SSA offers to meet their community’s unique needs and get a feel for four different Chicago neighborhoods. In addition to the neighborhood tours, participants will learn how SSAs are created in Chicago, the rules and regulations, and the relationship to the City and the community.