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Big City Planning Directors on Climate Resilient Cities

CM | 1.25

Date: Monday, April 28

Begins: 10:30AM

Ends: 11:45AM

Topics: Climate Change Policy, Extractive Industry Policy, Hazards Policy
(search by: Hazards, Environment)

Activity Code: S545

Room: GWCC - Georgia Ballroom 1

Fast-moving events, like hurricanes and wildfires, as well as more gradual climate change impacts, like sea level rise and drought, present major challenges to our largest cities. As major centers of population and economic engines, big cities are developing adaptation strategies to save lives, protect core functions, and achieve greater resilience in the face of increasing environmental risk. When does it make sense to pursue hard engineering solutions to protect people, infrastructure, and buildings? When does it make sense to retreat from hazard areas? How might the natural landscape or green infrastructure contribute to resiliency? Directors will playback key insights from the recent Big City Planning Directors Institute, cosponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the American Planning Association, and Harvard Graduate School of Design, where these questions and others were discussed and debated. Hosted by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Harvard, American Planning Association.