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EP Clinic: A Planner’s Role in Development Project Negotiation

Date: Monday, April 28

Begins: 2:30PM

Ends: 6:00PM

Topics: Conflict Resolution Methods
(search by: Planning Methods)

Activity Code: S640

Room: GWCC - C302

Planners must collaborate effectively to create and sustain a truly successful built environment. Led by top professionals in the country, this workshop will train you to understand your responsibilities/your role/your colleagues’ role in the area of development and learn to identify and separate ‘wants’ from ‘needs’ from differing parties. Through an intensive series of role playing and scenario building, learn quickly how to identify win/win options, where areas of compromise exist and where challenges lie due to issues of time, financing, client pressure, etc.

Target audience: Public and private sector planners in the early stages of their career, preferably with 1-5 years of experience.

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